Our coach and bus drivers

In the early days of the company in 1972 our general manager drove the busses by himself. Hence he knows the importance of the driver for the passengers and customer. That is why we care so much about our drivers and invest in them in a regular basis.

We accurately note the driving hours and the rest time of our bus drivers, not only because of the legal requirements and regulations but also to manage the stress for the drivers. We know when the driver feels good and relaxed our passengers and customer will have a comfortable and safe bus journey.

To provide a good communication between the passengers and the drivers we provide several language and cultural courses for the drivers. Besides this education our drivers attend driving and safety trainings of courses. In these trainings they learn about theoretical questions and attend in practical sessions where they learn how to handle critical situations and ensure the security of the passenger. Another focus is the knowledge of the current situation in the city of Munich. We educate our drivers in the latest development of the city. We want them to know every important sight and some insider tips to provide you memorable holidays. We brief our drivers exactly about your wishes and your destinations so that he or she does not have to expect surprises on the journey.

Drivers - Coach Company Munich